A-TACS Original FG Pattern


We simply don’t subscribe to the “one pattern fits all” approach. A-TACS Camo patterns are designed for maximum effectiveness in the widest possible range of operational environments worldwide. Our goal from day one has been-and continues to be,Total Concealment and protection for the operator. From head to toe. We work continuously to help develop and bring to market, products and ideas to meet that goal. From weapon coatings to fully camouflaged uniforms, footwear, gear and accessories, we strive to deliver A Total Concealment Solution.
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A-TACS Original FG Pattern


Many of the modern digital camouflage patterns currently in use by the tactical communityhave flaws. There are two major categories of Tactical Concealment camouflage systems that have become the baseline for the past half century, digital geometric-based patterns and Organic “blob” camouflage systems. The digital geometric patterns hard edges and pixelated shapes do not replicate the environment correctly, especially through optics, and the use of 90 degree angles and limited use of natural color make detection easier, limiting the effectiveness of these patterns. The blob camouflage systems are often overly simplistic, with limited color palettes.

A-TACS® was the first pattern to take a hybrid approach, and addressed and approved the issues in three ways.First, we replaced unnatural square pixels with organic pixels, utilizing a unique process. We created a palette of natural colors digitally sampled from real world elements using controlled lighting. Second, We use small patterns to create larger more distinct shapes designed to work at a distance. Small shapes create larger shapes and larger shapes are organized into a distinct pattern with no horizontal or vertical orientation. This unique "pattern within a pattern" concept allows A-TACS® to effectively break the human outline at great distances thereby, minimizing the "blobbing" effect of other patterns. Finally, more effective use of color range produces a better concealment system. A-TACS® is created using a far greater range of intermingled natural colors than was previously possible.

Currently deployed with various Tactical Professionals, Law Enforcement and Special Operations personnel in a wide array of hotspots around the globe in a relatively short time, A-TACS Camo has become one of the most trusted “go-to” force protection and concealment systems on the planet.

A-TACs AT-X Pattern


The minds behind a-tacs have each been in the camouflage industry for over 20 years each, with over a decade spent at major industry leaders. They have pioneered many of the advancements in modern camo, including being among the first to create a photorealistic fully digital pattern. Find out more about the individuals that make A-TACS what it is, by clicking the button below.

A-TACs AU Pattern


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A-TACs AU-X Pattern